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These United States

July 1, 2006

The church in front of our neighborhood has the flags out for this holiday weekend. I had to snap a quick shot…they look great.

A few different thoughts hit my brain when I first saw them:

1. The uniformity of them almost look like a memorial of sorts to the brave men and women who have given their lives protecting the very things we take for granted.
2. The debate of just how “American” is the Christian Church supposed to be? (Now that’s a looooooong blog!)
3. Did some of our representatives in Washington really just vote on legislation that gives more protections to those who burn the flag?!? Are you serious?!
4. I’m old school…Lee Greenwood is a stud. Love that song.
5. Our U.S. boys stunk it up in this year’s World Cup. Bummer.
6. I love our country and thank God for the opportunities and privileges we have here.

Everyone have a great safe 4th. I’m heading to a family reunion to enjoy casseroles, sweet tea, and 23 different types of homemade desserts.