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Wounded But Alive

July 5, 2006

Last 72 hours or so have been crazy. I have truly escaped serious injury. The first incident came when I jumped into a lake…forgetting how shallow it might be…and busted my left knee and right foot. Thank goodness the result has only been limping around for a few days. 2nd injury came yesterday when I was attempting to break into my own home (long story). I was climbing up my back deck when one of the small wooden posts (railing) gave way, sending me tumbling down. A nice scrape on my face and cuts on the leg…but hey, I’m alive! And if you’re wondering…YES, I went back for more….and YES, I eventually got in the house. What, you think a near death experience (minor head injury) will stop us guys (stubborn and prideful)? Have a great Wednesday…and please be safe out there.