pReVieW pArT dEuX

HERE is the video of our 2nd preview service at Oak Leaf .

Thanks again for the words of encouragement and prayers. God truly blessed it.

Quick stats:
*Around 240 total showed up.
*60% of the people who filled out comment cards said they were not involved in church. (Exactly who we are trying to reach!)
*5 indicated they prayed to receive Christ!

Looking forward to kick off in August.

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2 Comments on “pReVieW pArT dEuX”

  1. John Smulo Says:

    Hey Jonathan, I finally got around to watching the video of your second preview service, which I’ve wanted to do since I saw it posted at your blog.

    You guys are doing great stuff. It’s awesome to hear that 60% of the people who filled out cards weren’t involved in a church.

  2. Greg Wynn Says:

    AWESOME MAN, if Kelly and I were a living a little closer to Cartersville, we would definately be seeing you on sundays

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