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a W is a W

September 29, 2006

None of AU’s wins this year have been pretty, but a W is a W. 5-0…not a bad start I suppose.

go state, go state

September 27, 2006

mississippi state….my favorite 1-3 team.

Need A Topic

September 25, 2006

Ok, so I haven’t posted in awhile. My brain is fried. Life is super busy right now. (Of course, when is it not.) So, until I get back into a routine of posting everyday, I need a topic. What’s my next post?

Auto Auction

September 20, 2006

I attended my first ever auto auction last night. If you have never been before, it is pure entertainment. I didn’t walk away with a prized possession, but the amount of cigarette smoke and car exhaust I inhaled had me feeling rather chipper. Be sure to attend one in the South…in a very remote place. Those are the best.

Clean & Organized

September 19, 2006

So the other day I’m at Publix picking up a few groceries – just some snacks to keep at the office. While shopping, I observed how extremely clean and organized their store was – at least the one in Marietta, GA. It got me thinking (yeah, real deep here) about the difference between a Publix and an Ingles…or the difference between Target and Walmart. I realized why I enjoy going into Publix and Target so much more than their competitor. They are clean and they are organized. The fruit is fresh. I can expect things to be fully stocked. Are they as big? Nah. Can I still find everything I need? Of course. Will it take far less time getting in and out? Absolutely. (I must interject here that I don’t take great pleasure in having to make these store runs — there, I protected my masculinity.) But seriously, I don’t mind paying 8 cents more for a product if my overall experience is that much better.

And by the way, Publix has good hummus.


September 15, 2006

If you’ve never seen the famous “Jesus Videos”, then you must.

They were created by a ministry called Vintage21. Here is a quick blurb about the videos:

In the Spring of 2003, Vintage21 had a four weeks series on Jesus Christ, taking a deep look at what He said and did. It was difficult at times to get past our preconceived notions that had been developed by staunch, starched Sunday School classes of old. This is a satirical look at what some people think Jesus is like. Thank goodness He’s not.

Click HERE to view the videos.

My Crew

September 15, 2006

Braden, my 5 yr old, had his first soccer game tonight. Took a few pics with my camera phone…plus, here’s a few more.