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Proud To Be An Auburn Tiger

September 2, 2006

A good friend of mine told me the more I blog about Auburn, the less traffic I’ll get. No, he wasn’t doggin’ my team, just saying not everyone follows college football and someone in Idaho might not care about AU tradition. I understand his point…but, just can’t help myself. It’s football season! Win or lose, I go crazy for some football on the Plains. Plus, it’s my blog, i’ll do what i want 🙂

In that spirit, I present to you another video:


For those completely oblivious to “Fear The Thumb,” it started when coach Tuberville raised up four fingers after last year’s Iron Bowl victory and the media and bammer’s made a big deal of it. Wisely, Auburn people turned it into a marketing money maker, saying Bama should fear the thumb (5th straight loss to AU).