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False Advertisement

September 5, 2006

So now that we sold our van and are in the hunt for something cheaper…I’m noticing a disappointing trend. I’m exclusively using and other private party seller resources in my hunt. The few vehicles I have actually gone to look at were junk. It amazes me that people don’t think to maybe…oh….I don’t know….maybe CLEAN your vehicle if you’re trying to sell it!!!! I spent good money to have our van cleaned…I mean really cleaned…and it paid off. 1st person to look at it bought it. Just crazy. If you’re going to hype up your “Runs great/No mechanical work/New tires” car – please, at least shampoo the urine out of the carpet!

(Not that this issue bothers me or anything)

Family Time

September 5, 2006

Had a great time with the FAM this weekend. Short time, but good time. There is no substitute for quality time with the spouse and quality time with the kiddos. One of the reasons I will be quitting my 3rd job soon.