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Clean & Organized

September 19, 2006

So the other day I’m at Publix picking up a few groceries – just some snacks to keep at the office. While shopping, I observed how extremely clean and organized their store was – at least the one in Marietta, GA. It got me thinking (yeah, real deep here) about the difference between a Publix and an Ingles…or the difference between Target and Walmart. I realized why I enjoy going into Publix and Target so much more than their competitor. They are clean and they are organized. The fruit is fresh. I can expect things to be fully stocked. Are they as big? Nah. Can I still find everything I need? Of course. Will it take far less time getting in and out? Absolutely. (I must interject here that I don’t take great pleasure in having to make these store runs — there, I protected my masculinity.) But seriously, I don’t mind paying 8 cents more for a product if my overall experience is that much better.

And by the way, Publix has good hummus.