go state, go state

mississippi state….my favorite 1-3 team.

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6 Comments on “go state, go state”

  1. gwynn Says:

    I can’t believe that this has been posted for a full day, and Mark hasn’t responded!

  2. gwynn Says:

    When do we get a vehicle update?

  3. Jonathan Sutton Says:

    I ended up purchasing a nice GMC Suburban from Carmax. Very very very good experience. Top notch place. Yeah, I know…I would have saved some cash buying from an individual. But after 2.5 weeks of looking and being frustrated…CarMax ended up being my best bet. I have the extended warranty on it in case of probs. Also, this sucker is a 98…but it only has 49k miles on it! Should hold up for awhile. Yeah, I know, bad on gas…but when you have a family our size, we need that extra space. I see why CarMax is so successful…very pleasant experience.

  4. Dawg Lover Says:

    This is awesome!!!

    PS – Glad you heeded my carmax recommendation!

  5. Alex F Says:


    I guess I’m missing something

  6. Jonathan Sutton Says:

    Alex, the post stemmed from “Need A Topic”. (Plus, I was just giving emotional support to my buddy Mark who graduated from Miss State.

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