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October 29, 2006

Great word to describe this morning’s service. Great word to describe the beginning of OLC (Oak Leaf Church). God is good. God uses little people to do big things. I sensed momentum. You could feel it. Of course, our largest crowd since we started 11 weeks ago may have something to do with it – close to 300.

Side note: Churches don’t have to apologize for talking about numbers. Well, at least churches with the right motivation do not. I used to think…and even recently…that I always had to give a disclaimer before I mentioned how many people came to our new church. Something along the lines of, “Well, I know it’s not about numbers…but…we had…” I’m going to stop doing that. If our hearts are right and our motivation is for the unchurched to come and experience the grace and goodness of God, I’m going to be ecstatic when 300+ people show up to a movie theatre for church on Sunday morning! Growth is not evil. For us, it’s a sign that our people are doing what we ask them to do — reach out, invite a friend, invest in other’s lives. That’s powerful. That’ll preach.

So yeah, back to this momentum thing. You could just sense it. A moving forward. A pressing on. Did everything run flawless? Of course not. But people are investing in this thing called church at the movies. They are sacrificing time. They are putting others above themselves and growing spiritually in the process. Momentum is motivating. Makes me want to devote even more thought, more energy, more patience, more love, more creativity into everything we do. As we learned today, God is a big God. Incomprehensible. He’s a great God. And when He decides to move…and there’s a momentum, a surge…great things are accomplished by His people – for His Kingdom.

Wigs, Chicken Fingers, and 87,451

October 27, 2006

Just now getting around to posting a few pics I took on my roadtrip 2 weeks ago at the AU vs. FL game on the Plains. I didn’t take a lot of pics of the campus and traditional places b/c I spent 4.5 yrs there…so here’s some random pics of some random things: A few “cool” Gator fans.
Devotion is an understatement.
Best chicken fingers in southeast AL…and they leave no doubt about their mission.
Gameday was there but I didn’t bother. I still like ESPN, but they are just not what they used to be. Too political now…all about promoting certain teams/leagues.
My view at kickoff.

Wave On

October 26, 2006

Who knew the Wave was 25 years old? LINK
And I certainly didn’t know THIS guy invented it!
Funny stuff.


October 26, 2006

Ahhh…that time of year again. Time for Christians to hash out whether their kids should participate in Halloween traditions, etc. No need to list out their arguments here – they’re all too familiar to everyone. But I do love the church signs that pop up this time of year. I find it funny that most festivals held by churches are called “Trunk or Treat”. I pass by this church everyday when I take my oldest son Braden to school: Nothing against this church, but c’mon…we need to be able to laugh at that. How cheesy. How funny. I suppose they accomplished their mission though. When I saw “Beware” on one side, I had to know what the other side said. A church just down the road from this one recently had on their sign: “Our Daily Menu, God’s Word, KJV”. Ahhh…the KJV debate, now that’s a treat.

**Great Deal!** Quick Sale!

October 25, 2006

So let me tell you just how cool Craigs List is. I’ve slowly gotten into Ebay and Craigs List and online selling/buying over the past few years and think it to be superb. Craigs is great b/c it’s free and most of the time you meet sellers who are honest about what they are selling. Dana and I are strapped for cash (what’s new?!) and so I decided to put my cherished mountain bike on Craigs yesterday. I had a call within 2 hours and the guy came and picked it up around 9:45pm last night. I got $80 for it. Could I have gotten $100? Maybe. Probably. But I wanted a quick sale. Need cash now type thing. Plus, I never rode the dumb thing…was just sitting in my garage. Dude that bought it is getting his Masters at GA Tech and it was a perfect deal for him – great way to get around campus. That’s exactly what I used it for at AU. Anywho, I’m now trying to get rid of snow skis (with poles, great deal! quick sale!).

Old School / New School

October 20, 2006

So we are on day 2 of our church staff retreat and it’s been great. We are in the booming metropolis of Chatt, TN. (just kidding with the sarcasm…i actually like Chatt…not a bad city.)

Church staff and their families and the way they interact and the way they look has changed…at least some churches have. Many new church plants and “emerging” churches have caught on to this. Much more important to work as a team and actually take interest in one another than pounding a program into everyone and burning yourself out for the sake of the church. Here’s what I’m trying to say: Today, more staff families are finding the freedom to just be themselves. Yeah, there’s always an added pressure, an expectation, etc. But, I’ve been impressed with the staff of newer churches – they just seem like normal people – imagine that. No wonder people respond to a leader like that. No wonder people followed Jesus around and listened to him and wanted to be around him.

There’s many great things to learn from people who have been in ministry a long time. Our elders hold much wisdom. But one good change that has occurred is the fixing of a weird system that said church staff people do their own thing and really don’t like each other. Yeah, there will be disagreements and moments, but how great to be on a team of friends. Imagine that.

President Bush…drunk?

October 18, 2006

THIS is funny. They simply played the video in slo-mo…but it’s still funny.