Truth in Love

For our small group meeting last night, we talked about speaking the truth in love. Here are just a few tidbits that stood out:

* The stronger the bridge of relationship, the more truth someone can handle. I like this statement. It’s common sense. Think about it: If you are approaching someone about being…oh, let’s just pick something…an alcoholic. Who do you have a better shot at? The complete stranger or the friend of 2 years? Who is more likely to listen to what you have to say? The person that barely knows you or the person that you have invested in and can trust you…even if what you are saying is hard to absorb.

* Which side to you fall on? Are you too blunt with people…no tact? Or are you a people pleaser? You will compromise the truth to avoid stepping on someone’s toes. Both of these are extremes and both can be dangerous…which leads us to the final point…

* In the person of Jesus Christ we find the perfect blend of grace and truth. Want to learn how to speak the truth in love to your spouse, co-worker, or children? Study how Christ dealt with people. As always, as with most things in our journey, the answer is simple: Imitate Christ.

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5 Comments on “Truth in Love”

  1. Mark Bell Says:

    Excellent post, bro Sutton.

  2. Oak Leaf Church Says:

    very true. you must be a reverend now.

  3. Jonathan Sutton Says:

    The reverend jokes are really never going to go away, are they?


  4. Mark Bell Says:


    PS – I thought you were cool long before … when you just drove a Dodge Stratus

  5. Anonymous Says:

    that my boy!

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