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Religion: Unknown

December 19, 2006

I had a doctor’s appointment today and noticed something interesting. When I first arrived, the lady behind the counter asked me to look over a sheet of information she had printed out. It had my basic info: name, address, social, d.o.b., etc. As I scanning the page, I noticed one category that read, “Religion: Unknown.” So, with that information in mind, here’s a multiple choice question for you:

What was my reaction to noticing this?

a. “Uh, ma’am, have y’all not updated your software since the 80’s? This offends me. You know good and well you cannot list someone’s religious preference on their bio sheet. I expect this fixed immediately or I’ll be glad to report you to the Medical Board of GA.”

b. “Excuse me, ma’am, I’m a little surprised. I’ve been here before and you should know who I am by now…but apparently you don’t. Everyone knows I am the grandson of a famous Baptist minister in Eastern Alabama. His father and his father and his father were all Baptist. I grew up in a Baptist church. You should know this. My religion is obviously Baptist.”

c. “Hey, yo, you, what’s this all about? Check it. I’m part of new church plant up in Bartow County, yo. Religion? C’mon now. You serious? We all just a bunch of Jesus Freaks, yo. It ain’t about no religion. You know that. C’mon now, get that off there.” (I then proceeded to invite her to our Sunday morning service starting at 10am with freshly brewed coffee and stadium seating.)

d. I said nothing and thought quietly to myself, “This would make a great title for my next post.”

Check comments for the correct answer. Thanks for your participation.