Christmas Observation

As we exit the Christmas season and gear up for 07, allow me to make a brief, simple observation. You know those inflatable santas and snowman, right? Yeah, well, they are everywhere. (Hang on, that’s not the observation.) Perhaps I see more of them b/c I’m living back in the true South again…sorry, Louisville, KY, you don’t count…remember, you have restaurants that serve unsweet tea. A crime! Anywho, here it is: Most inflatable snowman and reindeer and santas I saw were in yards of trailers, mobile homes, or smaller homes. Now for some of you, you might say, “Well, duh.” Others, you may be offended b/c you’re the person in the neighborhood who decks out their yard with lights and these inflatable creatures. Fine, more power to ya. But seriously, I drive by these run down houses and think to myself, “Where in the world do they get the money to buy these 15 inflatables up in their yard?!?!” Think about it. I bet if they sold all of them, they could put a dent in their car payment or 2nd mortgage. And yeah, I know it’s not just redneck yards that participate in it…but I bet 80% of these things are in such described yards. Ok, now that you’ve wasted 45 seconds of your life reading this, get back to work or family. Chow. Happy New Year.

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One Comment on “Christmas Observation”

  1. gwynn Says:

    I can’t believe that you are such a snob!!! Most of those people work hard for their welfare checks.
    on the serious side, it does seem like most of them could put the money to better uses.

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