So I’m trying to branch out a little. Beginning to read random articles about stuff I have no knowledge of, but can be interesting/informative to read. Here’s 2 good quotes from THIS article on the use of technology in film making. (Told you this was random.)

It’s not a question of new film making techniques or technologies. Indeed, over-reliance on special effects can detract from a film’s impact: witness the way-too-long battle scenes in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, McDowell said. “It’s time for us filmmakers to restrain ourselves and use the tools to do sophisticated storytelling as opposed to just look what we can do if we just press this button.”

“The thing I love about the Media Lab is that it’s never about the technology. It’s about what you do with it, at a human scale.”

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10 Comments on “tEchNoLOgY”

  1. Jonathan Sutton Says:

    Ok, you caught me. Yeah, I posted this b/c of the cool looking graphic. Looks like something a church planter (I read their stuff all the time) would scheme up. Plus, you could take his comments and apply them to other things as well.

  2. Mark Bell Says:


    Not blog related question. Why are your church podcasts in m4a format? I don’t know if this is an IPOD unique format, but it won’t work on MP3 players. (The other podcasts I subscribe to are mp3 files and will work.) Since you were the man, I thought you could give me an explanation.

  3. Jonathan Sutton Says:

    Interesting. Wasn’t aware of that. Contact our pastor Michael. He handles all of that.

  4. Mark Bell Says:

    I thought you were the reverend.

  5. Mark Bell Says:

    I like the battle scenes in LOTR

  6. Mark Bell Says:

    Can you ask you pastor for me – considering he doesn’t know me from Nick $aban.

  7. Jonathan Sutton Says:

    He said he can convert it.

  8. Mark Bell Says:

    This opens the door for mp3 listeners everywhere.

  9. Jonathan Sutton Says:


    Just wanted to leave another comment to up it to a record 9!

    Ahhh yeah.

  10. gwynn Says:

    10 baby! Double digits. Mark-download vlc media player, i think it will play m4a. i think.

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