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Postmodern Church

January 31, 2007

Michael has a great post HERE in which he responds to: “10 Myths the Postmodern Church wants you to believe”. Very interesting read. Worth the 5 minutes. Check it out.

Visitors Welcome, Members Expected

January 30, 2007

I saw the above on a church sign yesterday. Ok, I see. I get it. Not bad I suppose. (Compared to other church signs, this is extra extra mild). I guess it’s a little catchy.

But as I do with most things, I thought about it. Then I thought some more. Then I overanalyzed. But seriously, here’s my point: That’s backwards. Seriously, give it a shot, reverse it: Members Welcome, Visitors Expected. Completely changes the meaning doesn’t it? That’ll preach. I like it. It fits with what our church is doing. Visitors are not just welcome, they are EXPECTED. If we are doing our job (that Great Commission stuff ya know) then each and every Sunday we should anticipate someone new showing up. If we say we’re gearing everything toward the unchurched and partnering with our people to get their family and friends there…then it’s no surprise when guests show up.

Members Welcome and Visitors Expected. Sounds a little off. Sounds different from church norm…………I like it!

Simple Truth

January 28, 2007

For a few weeks now I’ve done the storytelling at church, K-5th. I was reminded today about how important simple truths are. Too often, people gripe about wanting to go “deeper” or the message wasn’t “deep” enough. In my long life of 29 years (still immature I know), I often find these same people to be people who haven’t taken ahold of the simple truths yet. Who still need to work on Love God and Love Others. Attitude. Patience. Forgiveness. Lord knows all the above are a daily struggle for me.

So I say all that to say this morning’s lesson was great. The theme this month is discipline and today’s topic was honoring God with your body. Talking about how we have been bought with a price. And that our body is not our own. A temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor. 6:19-20.

At first glance of the lesson, during preparation, my temptation was to write off the lesson. After all, it seemed shallow. Talking to the kids about watching what they eat and not staying up late? What??!!? But as I prepared more, it became obviously clear just how important these simple truths are. Yes, absolutely kids need to know that they can honor God by taking care of themselves! (According to statistics, over 80% of Americans should have been in the theater this morning!) I quickly internalized the message and it became a great reminder for myself.

Deep is fine. Just never stop working on the “shallow”. Need help with that? Go volunteer in your church’s kids ministry. Go teach a lesson. Guaranteed God will show you something. A reminder. A Simple Truth.

2 phrases

January 27, 2007

Heard em on the radio yesterday:

Great Business Phrase
“The only ship that doesn’t sail is a partnership”

Great Marriage Phrase:
“In marriage there is being right and there is being happy.”

Gives New Meaning To The Phrase…

January 26, 2007

Feel free to add your witty reply in the comment section. The whole story HERE.

Post-Vac 2

January 26, 2007

Poolside at the Radison hotel in Port Canaveral, FL. (Random people included)
Bird. Pier. Cocoa Beach.
Disney Cruise ship in the same port. I heard they are incredible for kids, but bring your savings account.

Post-vacation 1

January 26, 2007

So blogging hasn’t been much of a priority since returning from vacation. Tons of catching up to do in all areas. I will post some pics each day…until that gets old. Dana and I went on a carnival cruise. Great time. Was my first time on one. Big fan now. Loved it. This is a picture of the boat. (Look in the background.)