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Visitors Welcome, Members Expected

January 30, 2007

I saw the above on a church sign yesterday. Ok, I see. I get it. Not bad I suppose. (Compared to other church signs, this is extra extra mild). I guess it’s a little catchy.

But as I do with most things, I thought about it. Then I thought some more. Then I overanalyzed. But seriously, here’s my point: That’s backwards. Seriously, give it a shot, reverse it: Members Welcome, Visitors Expected. Completely changes the meaning doesn’t it? That’ll preach. I like it. It fits with what our church is doing. Visitors are not just welcome, they are EXPECTED. If we are doing our job (that Great Commission stuff ya know) then each and every Sunday we should anticipate someone new showing up. If we say we’re gearing everything toward the unchurched and partnering with our people to get their family and friends there…then it’s no surprise when guests show up.

Members Welcome and Visitors Expected. Sounds a little off. Sounds different from church norm…………I like it!