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February 8, 2007

So the stomach bug is working its way through my family. 4 have/had it, 2 poor souls remaining (Braden & myself). While holding one of my kiddos the other night the word exposed kept coming to mind. Hard not to think about being exposed in that environment! I know I’m going to get this thing. Just a matter of time. Inevitable.

I think it would make a good name for a sermon series. There’s many angles to take, but here’s a few:

* Exposed: We are all exposed to sin, and since the Fall suffer the consequences. What’s the remedy? (Obviously and completely evangelistic in this message.)
* Exposed: “To lay open to danger, attack, harm”. Is your faith exposed to those around you? What are you willing to risk in order that All May Hear?
* Exposed: When great people do really bad things. Why/How does this happen? The importance of walking daily with Christ/In the Spirit. (Obviously topical and unfortunately way too many examples to draw from.)

Hopefully that makes sense. (It always does in my head, but communicating it is a whole other story!)