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El Junko

March 30, 2007

I can’t believe I’m about to stick up for junk mail…well, sorta. I work f/t for a mtg company and part of our marketing is to do mailouts. I’m not crazy about them, but they accomplish the goal. They get the word out there, let homeowners know about a program they qualify for (in my case Reverse Mortgages), and ultimately lead to the best kind of business: Referral Business.

In fact, I don’t consider what we send to even be “junk mail” (though that could be debated). Recently, the calls I’m getting from these seniors asking to be removed from the mailing list are just downright hilarious. By some of their words you would have thought we had just shot their pet. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m all for privacy and all for respecting their wishes. But I’ve arrived at a point where I just want to say sometimes (even though I never will), “Is it such a burden on you? Can you not just trash it? Why the hostility? It’s not like other crud you receive…this is not a scam. Might I recommend a good counselor for you?”

I think the bigger picture here is how most of Americans are conditioned into isolation…and their RIGHTS…and I’m gonna sit here on my .75 acre and tell my neighbor’s to hush their dog and tell the kids to stop bouncing the ball in the cul de sac and watch 7.4 hours of television everyday and shoot you if you come near my property! What a sad way to live.

I do sympathize with them though. I also have my name on do-not-call lists. I don’t like 9pm phone calls either. But I’m not filled with rage over a church postcard or joe schmo trying to sell me insurance or whatever.

By the way: Jiffy Lube has $7 off their “Signature Oil Change” right now….Act Fast!

The Power of Radio

March 29, 2007

2 days a week I have a 45 minute one-way commute to work. I try to mix it up a bit. Sometimes it’s a good praise and worship CD and sometimes it’s a sermons series….ah, who am I kidding, it’s rarely those things. Too often I’m just lazy and flip on the radio. This morning, I’m glad I did.

Q100 is a decent radio station in Atlanta. I sometimes listen to their morning show…even though the topics often cause me to tune out b/c they are extremely immature, etc. Well, this morning they did something really neat (ok, maybe I was being too hard on them…they often do a lot of good in the community.). This college student called in to ask for help. She has a special needs brother who is a high school senior. Last year, she wanted to make his prom special so she coordinated his Prom plans, including renting a Hummer and talking her college friends into being dates for a few of the special needs students. Well, this year she wanted to do it for the whole Special Needs class at his school. That’s 15 total students.

The Bert Show got behind the idea and asked for their faithful listeners to call in and chip in where needed. What happened over the next 20 minutes was amazing…seriously, no joke! Within 20 minutes they had:

* A lady called in who works for a charity that specializes in getting free prom dresses for needy girls. (They had over 500 free available dresses to choose from.)
* One young girl called in saying she would be a date for one of the guys. (Props to her. She won’t get any “cool” points for doing that…the reward is far greater than that.)
* Somebody called in saying they would cover the $675 it was going to require to purchase each of them a prom ticket.
* A professional photographer’s wife called in offering her husband’s services for that special day. She said he would serve as their “Personal Paparazzi”.
* They had one limousine reserved, so someone called in ready to pay for another one.
* A professional wedding planner called in saying whatever else was needed, she would call her vendors and have it covered in 24 hours.

So within 20 minutes this special needs class had their outfits, dinner, limo ride, prom tickets, pictures,….you name it…COVERED! And it started b/c a caring sister wanted her brother to have a special night at the prom…like the rest of the kids…cause she knew if she didn’t do something, they’d probably get left out.

(Just to play devil’s advocate: Sure, some of the people’s motives who volunteered help may have just been trying to get their business name in there…I say who cares…they are still offering up the service.)

After listening to this thing go down, I had a few thoughts:

>Radio (TV) can be a powerful tool. And it’s amazing how it can be used for such good…and such bad.
>I wish it was that easy to get believers at church behind something. (Something that has eternal value!)
>I like how most people really do have a caring heart for those in need…and children…and special needs kids. It often just takes a little coordination to move them to action.

Sad but Oh So Funny

March 28, 2007

Florida Man Says Ex-Wife’s Sex Change Should End His Alimony Obligation:

Little Says A Lot

March 26, 2007

I would love to attend THIS conference in May. (Unfortunately I have no vacation time until Sept…argh.) There will be much to learn about from people who have permeated and transformed their communities.

Just looking at their site reminded me of how very little can say a whole lot. The short summary statements they use communicate a ton. And that’s what good communicators are doing today. Andy Stanley preaches this like a mad man. He says have ONE POINT to every message and everything must revolve around that ONE POINT (your burden, the one thing they HAVE TO KNOW!).

Mission is why the church exists
Love is the context for all mission
Structure must always submit to spirit
Relevance to culture is not optional
Creativity is a natural result of spirituality

The Sickness Of College Sports Fanaticism (Stupidity)

March 26, 2007


T-Ball Report

March 23, 2007

As my kids have gotten older, it’s been fun getting them involved in sports. I grew up with two brothers and we were ALWAYS involved in sports – and I loved it. Sports are good. Healthy. Fun.

So I was semi-excited when Braden got involved in basketball. I was semi-excited when we put him in soccer. But now….oh yes…now, it’s that time of year. America’s Past Time. By far the favorite.

My 5yr old-Braden- and my 4 yr old-Logan- are on the same team. And as we arrived at practice yesterday, I was asked (duped…just kidding) to help coach. We had a great first practice (as if you can really do much with 14 kindergartners running around playing in the dirt). It’s great to be done with winter. It’s good to be out on a ball field with kids and then hanging out with strangers in the community.

A few observations from practice ONE:

We think Logan may be left handed; Kids think it’s the coolest thing to run around the bases; One kid kept complaining that his hand was “too sweaty” inside his glove; Too many kid’s diet consist of chips and soda…lots of it; We are the COWBOYS – each team is assigned a college name—we ended up with Oklahoma State…disappointing for us SEC fanatics, but the kids love it; Parents yell at their kids too much…I’m determined to keep my attitude and anger in check and not vent on my kids—-need help in this area yourself? — visit your local ballpark and watch other parents….sometimes that’s the best medicine; This will be tons of fun; I miss playing church softball; Our t-ball team will absolutely CRUSH the competition, in fact, they might as well cancel the season…(oh, sorry, not sure what happened there…) 🙂 🙂 ha ha.

Up next at practice #2: Teaching the kids how to properly spit on the field.

Today in History

March 22, 2007

I occasionally read these things. Some are interesting. Weird to think back about how different things were not too too long ago.

On this date in:

1882 Congress outlawed polygamy.

1895 In what is generally regarded as the first public display of a movie projected onto a screen, Auguste and Louis Lumiere showed their first movie to an invited audience in Paris.

1933 During Prohibition, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a measure to make wine and beer containing up to 3.2 percent alcohol legal.

1963 The Beatles’ first album, “Please Please Me,” was released in Great Britain.

1972 Congress sent the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution to the states for ratification.

1978 Karl Wallenda, the 73-year-old patriarch of The Flying Wallendas high-wire act, fell to his death while attempting to walk a cable strung between two hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1987 A barge carrying 3,200 tons of garbage, left Islip, N.Y., on a six-month journey in search of a place to unload. The barge was turned away by several states and three countries before space was found back in Islip.