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Ramblin Wreck

March 2, 2007

Last night – 7:36pm – just finished helping Dana give the kiddos a bath. Phone rings. It’s Greg. Greg in my church small group. Greg the biggest North Carolina fan I’ve met. Greg the basketball coach. Greg the guy who just got 2 free tickets to see Carolina and GA Tech hoop it up in ATL.

ESPN, 9pm. Hyped up game. We get there right at tip off (after running in the pouring rain 2.5 blocks). Fun times. Never been to GA Tech before. Never seen an ACC game. Nice facility. Small, but very loud. Not a bad seat in the house.

The above picture describes the kind of night it was for the Tarheels and my friend Greg. I was impartial…well, not really…wanted Carolina to win. There was a ton of light blue in that place. Carolina travels well.

Well, one of the best things about college sports is finally here (almost). It’s March Madness time baby!