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Little Says A Lot

March 26, 2007

I would love to attend THIS conference in May. (Unfortunately I have no vacation time until Sept…argh.) There will be much to learn about from people who have permeated and transformed their communities.

Just looking at their site reminded me of how very little can say a whole lot. The short summary statements they use communicate a ton. And that’s what good communicators are doing today. Andy Stanley preaches this like a mad man. He says have ONE POINT to every message and everything must revolve around that ONE POINT (your burden, the one thing they HAVE TO KNOW!).

Mission is why the church exists
Love is the context for all mission
Structure must always submit to spirit
Relevance to culture is not optional
Creativity is a natural result of spirituality


The Sickness Of College Sports Fanaticism (Stupidity)

March 26, 2007