El Junko

I can’t believe I’m about to stick up for junk mail…well, sorta. I work f/t for a mtg company and part of our marketing is to do mailouts. I’m not crazy about them, but they accomplish the goal. They get the word out there, let homeowners know about a program they qualify for (in my case Reverse Mortgages), and ultimately lead to the best kind of business: Referral Business.

In fact, I don’t consider what we send to even be “junk mail” (though that could be debated). Recently, the calls I’m getting from these seniors asking to be removed from the mailing list are just downright hilarious. By some of their words you would have thought we had just shot their pet. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m all for privacy and all for respecting their wishes. But I’ve arrived at a point where I just want to say sometimes (even though I never will), “Is it such a burden on you? Can you not just trash it? Why the hostility? It’s not like other crud you receive…this is not a scam. Might I recommend a good counselor for you?”

I think the bigger picture here is how most of Americans are conditioned into isolation…and their RIGHTS…and I’m gonna sit here on my .75 acre and tell my neighbor’s to hush their dog and tell the kids to stop bouncing the ball in the cul de sac and watch 7.4 hours of television everyday and shoot you if you come near my property! What a sad way to live.

I do sympathize with them though. I also have my name on do-not-call lists. I don’t like 9pm phone calls either. But I’m not filled with rage over a church postcard or joe schmo trying to sell me insurance or whatever.

By the way: Jiffy Lube has $7 off their “Signature Oil Change” right now….Act Fast!

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