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Monday Morning Update cont…

April 30, 2007

> Found out I could take two more classes and receive a Masters of Arts…instead of a Masters of Divinity (around 8 classes left). Since I’ll really never need either one to accomplish what I’ll be doing – Master of Arts here I come! Dana and I plan on walking together next May.

Monday Morning Update

April 30, 2007

> Trip to Dallas was phenominal! (More to come on that as we prayfully consider accepting the position.)

> I paid no attention to the NFL draft this weekend. College ball is WAY much better.

> My boy’s t-ball team is 0-3. But they think they’re 3-0. Plus, they get juice boxes and chips after the game…so who cares, eh?

> God continues to bless Oak Leaf. It is way way way exciting! People are being saved and families are being changed. Me and Dana are migrating back into Kidventure, helping out where we can.

> Every other Sunday night I get together with a group of guys to play poker. Fun fun times. It has become my quality “guy time”…which has been lacking for a couple of years. We have a ton of fun.

> Thank you Lord that warm weather has finally arrived! Can’t wait to start heading over to the lake.

> Today’s verse: Psalm 119:16
I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.

Holy Softball

April 26, 2007

Yesterday I was daydreaming a bit and starting thinking back to Seminary. I was remembering all the friends we made and the places we lived and our involvement in a really great church there. One memory that kept surfacing was how I would skip class to play softball on the main lawn. I really enjoyed it. Too much. Yet another sign that I didn’t quite fit in.

Dallas Bound

April 25, 2007

Say a prayer for me and Dana as we fly out to Dallas this weekend. We are meeting with the founder of Kids Beach Club. They are wanting to bring it to ATL and we will get to see what it’s all about first hand.


Tuesday’s Pic

April 24, 2007

Good Guy / Bad Guy

April 23, 2007

My 4yr old Logan has developed an ingenious system. When wrestling around with his older brother Braden, he is often a good guy, teaming up with Braden to conquer the forces of evil (the couch, chair, and imaginary foes). But at any given time he can turn to Braden and say, “Braden, I’m a bad guy” and proceed to punch and hit and conquer his older Brother. And then when Braden responds by fighting back…and Logan has had enough, he will say, “No no no, I good guy, I good guy…”. And surprisingly Braden plays right along and goes back to conquering their enemies together. It’s quite humorous to watch!

Do you see the deep spiritual analogy? Yeah, me neither….but I’m sure there’s one there. 🙂


April 21, 2007

I sometimes visit to get the correct spelling of a word or check a definition. Today I go on there and see the word of the day is “Apostasy” – Total desertion or departure from one’s faith, principles, or party.

It made me think of people I know who have totally deserted their faith for one reason or another. I’ve talked with people who attended church for a couple of years then gave it up. I’ve also known people who abandoned it all after saying yes to the call of ministry.

I think it’s too easy to just say, “Well, they were probably never saved to begin with.” That statement is WAY overused. That may be true for some but we too quickly dismiss their reasons and too quickly give up on trying to bring them back.

“Total desertion” is a strong statement, isn’t it? It’s one thing to temporarily give up on something…but absolutely and positively leaving something is another ballgame. So today, while I’m at work, I’m praying for those that I know who have walked away. I’m praying that they’ll see God do a new work in their lives. I’m praying for their families and those that have influence around them. I’m praying they will see that God is full of mercy and love and purpose. I’m praying for an awakening.