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April 11, 2007

So my wife Dana calls me today and says her and the kiddos are heading up to the gym so she can workout. “Workout?!” I asked, “Honey, on Monday you were in bed all day with strep throat…what are you thinking?” Fortunately I was able to convince her that she needed to just take it easy and let her body fight off this sickness.

She cracks me up sometimes. And what cracks me up about her is what I love about her. She’s often restless…never ready to just sit around. She motivates me. She likes change. We are opposite when it comes to this. I’m “loyal” as she puts it. I’ll keep working a bad job b/c I’m committed to what’s in front of me. She thinks ahead a lot. Constantly thinking. Constantly moving. We make a great pair.

But in this case I’m glad I was able to speak wisdom in to the situation. She later started running a fever. The gym treadmill can wait a day or two.