I sometimes visit dictionary.com to get the correct spelling of a word or check a definition. Today I go on there and see the word of the day is “Apostasy” – Total desertion or departure from one’s faith, principles, or party.

It made me think of people I know who have totally deserted their faith for one reason or another. I’ve talked with people who attended church for a couple of years then gave it up. I’ve also known people who abandoned it all after saying yes to the call of ministry.

I think it’s too easy to just say, “Well, they were probably never saved to begin with.” That statement is WAY overused. That may be true for some but we too quickly dismiss their reasons and too quickly give up on trying to bring them back.

“Total desertion” is a strong statement, isn’t it? It’s one thing to temporarily give up on something…but absolutely and positively leaving something is another ballgame. So today, while I’m at work, I’m praying for those that I know who have walked away. I’m praying that they’ll see God do a new work in their lives. I’m praying for their families and those that have influence around them. I’m praying they will see that God is full of mercy and love and purpose. I’m praying for an awakening.

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