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Good Guy / Bad Guy

April 23, 2007

My 4yr old Logan has developed an ingenious system. When wrestling around with his older brother Braden, he is often a good guy, teaming up with Braden to conquer the forces of evil (the couch, chair, and imaginary foes). But at any given time he can turn to Braden and say, “Braden, I’m a bad guy” and proceed to punch and hit and conquer his older Brother. And then when Braden responds by fighting back…and Logan has had enough, he will say, “No no no, I good guy, I good guy…”. And surprisingly Braden plays right along and goes back to conquering their enemies together. It’s quite humorous to watch!

Do you see the deep spiritual analogy? Yeah, me neither….but I’m sure there’s one there. 🙂