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Random Fact Of The Day

May 31, 2007

In Hollywood, plastic surgeons outnumber pediatricians 2 to 1.

Completely Different Yet The Same

May 29, 2007

While out of town this past weekend, I visited 2 completely different churches. And 2 completely different services. The first was a newer church with a brand new building. It was modern. No steeple. Huge kids area with lots of creative stuff everywhere. A popular speaker. Expensive audio visual stuff. Rockin’ band. And no mention of Memorial Day. They continued on in their series…and no mention of Memorial Day. Zero. But a very powerful message. Engaging. A clear Gospel presentation.

The 2nd church was a more “traditional” church. (I hesitate to use that term…but for the purposes of this post, it fits best.) Steeple. Dress a little more traditional. More 60+ yr olds. One of the hand held microphones had a blue fuzzy cover. Orchestra. Choir. Pews. And the whole in WHOLE service…was dedicated to honoring those who have sacrificed for their country. EVERYTHING was about recognizing those who have served. The service included armed services flag presentation, bagpipes, and a military guest speaker. It was moving. Dana and I sat near a couple who has a son serving in Iraq. They cried through the whole service. We cried with them.

It would be very easy to critique and judge either service. Obviously us Christians are good at that. Over coffee and in seminary classes and in living rooms we talk about our preferences. Some say church A was wrong for not saying anything about Memorial Day. Some say church B is wrong for glorifying America.

Sure I have my own preferences and lean certain ways on certain issues. But on Sunday, I just enjoyed the VAST differences between the two. Because in the end, they were serving the same God. The messages being spoken were ministering to those present…and ultimately glorifying God.


May 28, 2007

Recently around Atlanta we’ve had smoke…lots of it. About 250 miles south of here is where the South GA fires have been going on. Yesterday was interesting. I’m out of town visiting family, on the lake, and it was interesting to listen to comments made by people on the lake and at church yesterday. “Ah man, whoa, this smoke is awful!” ; “Bummer, kind of puts a damper on Memorial Day weekend.” ; “This is really getting to my allergies.” ; “Wish it would hurry up and go away.”

And at first, I was chiming in as well. It was weird. It was annoying. Looked like something out of the movies. Fog that wouldn’t go away. Bothersome.

But as I was driving back from church, I had a thought. I couldn’t shake the thought of WHERE this smoke was coming from. Over 250 miles away, this smoke was part of 52 fires that consumed 345,000 acres. People lost a lot. Land. Homes? Property. Crops. Trees. A sense of hopelessness. Nothing you can really do to stop it.

And for a moment, I felt weird (ashamed) for complaining about smoke that was “interfering” with my Memorial Day weekend. Meanwhile, others are piecing things back together.

I think in Christianity we do something similar sometimes. I think this is a picture of what it looks like when we are bothered by the stinch of other people’s sin. We complain that it’s interfering with our goodness. It’s bothersome. Instead of reaching out, we sit in our comfortable chairs in our comfortable homes and shut all the doors and windows…so as to not let the smoke get in. In doing so, we are unknowingly throwing gas on their fires.

I know it’s a stretch, but this illustration is the type of thing God uses from time to time to remind me of His compassion and His mercy and His unselfishness…and how we should be the same. Funny how an inconvenience can be a great reminder/lesson. As the GA Governor said in a recent article, “We’re just getting a small scent of what they’ve lived with.”

Happy B’day Babe

May 26, 2007

My outstanding, terrific, beautiful wife is getting old now. Ok, not really…in fact, she was only able to rent a vehicle 2 yrs ago. So congrats babe on reaching 27 today! You are a hard working Mom who cares for 4 kids – plus a hubby who acts like one…making that 5 kids you care for.

Happy Birthday!

That’s Just Cool

May 25, 2007


Remove and Add

May 23, 2007

I bet you’re thinking the title of this post has something to do with dieting…removing things like this banana split and adding more healthy, low fat stuff. Well, you’re wrong. I just wanted to let everyone know the trick in getting the best DQ banana split. Remove the pineapple, add caramel. You will be in “I shouldn’t be eating this” heaven.

Today’s sweet tooth tip has been brought to you by Jonathan Sutton – someone who must have a dessert after every meal…and someone who seriously needs to stop eating so much stuff like pictured above. Hey wait, it’s got bananas! So it’s “healthy”, right?!?

Hard Work

May 22, 2007

This phrase has been on my brain today…working hard, pushing forward, trying to achieve a ton. Been thinking about the demand of hard work, the temptation to stop striving, and the reward of hard work. Here’s two good quotes for ya:

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.”
Theodore I. Rubin

“Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense.”
Thomas A. Bennett

And then, of course, you have Proverbs 14:23
“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”

Food for thought. Good stuff. Work hard today. (And don’t waste time blogging like I’m doing right now! ha.)