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My Son’s First Ticket

July 29, 2007

Most families would not consider celebrating their son’s first ticket. But, we’re not your average family. So today we celebrate Braden’s first “law breaking” experience.

We were on the big indoor playground in Mt. Berry Square Mall in Rome, GA. It’s nice. It’s padded. Kids love it. Our kids go crazy over it. (Ahhhhhh….cheap entertainment.) We were playing away when rent-a-cop…as in Mall Security Dude…walked up to me and Braden (my oldest – 6 yrs old) and reached into his shirt pocket to grab a pen and pad. Immediately I began thinking, “Ok, this is weird. What’s going on?! What did one of my kids do? How did I not see it? I’ve been here the whole time. Geez…what in the world is going on?”

Long story short, he was writing up a ticket. A “free carousel pass” ticket cause he was about to kick Braden out of this area for being over 42 inches tall. Yep, you heard me correctly. The mall security would rather gear their energy toward giving out “too tall” tickets to 6 yr olds (for the record, he’s like maybe 46 inches tall) instead of catching shoplifters. But hey, rules are rules and we didn’t make a fuss. Plus, Braden rode the cheetah on the carousel which was pretty cool.

So today we celebrate. Congrats Braden on your first ticket. What a rebel.

When In Doubt…

July 28, 2007

So Dana spends 40 minutes on the phone with Dish Network trying to resolve a problem with our service. I had a similar conversation with them the day before…it was getting a bit frustrating. After they told us it would cost money to send someone out…and I reminded them that I was out of contract and I would just assume cancel than to send a technician out…sorry, I’m not paying for a tech…I did what I should have done from the very beginning. I thanked the gentleman for his time, hung up, and decided to unplug the receiver, wait a few secs, plug it back in…….and WHALA!

When it doubt, unplug it and plug it back in. Amazing how that works for almost any piece of technology.

That’ll be $75.


July 28, 2007

It’s Monday morning and I’m already looking for Friday
It’s Monday morning and You have already revealed yourself today

It’s 9am and I’m already struggling with my attitude
It’s 9am and You have already filled me with your Spirit

It’s the beginning of the month and already I worry about finances
It’s the beginning of the month and already You have met my every need

Already tired – Already strength available
Already doubting – Already trustworthy
Already ungrateful – Already understanding
Already sin – Already forgiveness


Just Shoot Straight With Me

July 26, 2007

After having hundreds upon hundreds of conversations with seniors these past 2 years, one thing I learned fast is they don’t want the fluff. Hype? No thanks. Sales pitch? Already heard it a thousand times. They just want the hard cold facts and they appreciate someone being candid with them – free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge.

Also, part of this shooting straight is not being timid in talking about death. It’s amazing just how comfortable I’ve gotten talking about the subject. (Spiritually speaking, I guess we SHOULD be comfortable, eh?) I answer questions every day about passing on homes, trusts, heirs, debt, etc. Early on I found it strange talking about someone dying…with THAT someone…but now it’s just par for the course.

This principle of candidness could easily be applied to all areas of life. After all, the success of churches, businesses, and families often hinges on the lack of or success in communication.

Movin On

July 25, 2007

Dana and I are transitioning into a new ministry and a new church. (I’ll post more about here soon.) One of my fears…or uncomfortableness…is getting to know people all over again, or thinking too much about staying connected with those we’ve gotten to know. But, reflecting back to the last time we had a similar transition, any worry or fear is just plain dumb. I remember thinking the last time, “Bummer, we were JUST getting to know people…” And then, as we OBEYED and did what God was leading us to, the new friendships and support was incredible and far BETTER than we ever expected. (Elementary spiritual stuff, eh?)

So with great anticipation, knowing that God has prepared the path before us, we move on. Rock on.

Tuesday’s Expression

July 24, 2007

Phrase Of The Day

July 22, 2007

Saw this yesterday on an interstate billboard advertisement for the Marines:

“We don’t accept applications, only commitments.”

That’s a strong statement. Cool stuff.