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If You’ve Never…

July 5, 2007

Been to Panama City Beach on the 4th of July and seen the fireworks on the beach…well, it’s quite a site. I had the pleasure of sitting on our 7th story condo balcony last night and watching a couple thousand of my closest redneck (I mean good southern folk) friends fire off hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks. Now don’t get me wrong, this is no THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE, the world’s largest firework display (no joke, you have to attend that event…you’ve never seen fireworks until you’ve seen them done 2 weeks prior to Derby…we lived there for 4.5 years…unbelievable stuff). But, it was still quite the site to see miles and miles of beach all lit up with fireworks. And to compliment this extraordinary site, you had the common beachfront road teenagers honking their horns and squealing their tires and yelling “yee haw” all night…and I mean ALL NIGHT (boy am I starting to sound old!).

Fun times.