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Phonecall Flashback

July 8, 2007

Recently I thought back to a phone conversation I had with a complete stranger. It was Fall 2004 and I had just started a new sales position with a mortgage company in Louisville, KY. My phone rang one afternoon and it was a lady who had dialed the wrong number. Since I worked on 100% commission…and just because I’m kind of goofy…I didn’t let her go but instead told her who she had reached and began asking questions. How long have you lived in your home? What’s your current rate? Etc, etc. And I kept it lighthearted.

I don’t remember all the details of the conversation but somehow we ended up talking about Louisville and what I was doing there. I told her I was in Seminary and I worked this sales job to pay the bills. And then I remember something very strange. She quickly became interested in the conversation (remember, she had dialed a wrong number and had some annoying sales guy on the phone not letting her go). She told me how her and her husband and kids were considering overseas missions and she wanted my opinion. I could tell she had some major reserves about committing to it. They were in the beginning stages of looking into moving out of the country for mission work and had consulted with their church and denomination.

I just remember sitting there thinking, “Huh, this is funny. This is cool.” And that was quickly followed by, “Oh my gosh, what in the world do I say?!?!” She had point blank asked me what they should do. Feeling a bit inadequate and certainly a bit intimidated (they were “older and wiser” than me), I just chatted with them for awhile about God’s plans and how he works. Funny how what started out as a wrong number phone call turned into a 30 minute conversation involving discussion on the greatness of God and the things he calls us to.

I still wonder if they decided to go and how things turned out. I hope I had some helpful input. By far one of the coolest “sales” calls I’ve ever had. Pure coincidence, I’m sure (sarcastic).