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July 13, 2007


Passion And Details

July 13, 2007

Dana met with another local children’s minister today, telling them about KIDs Beach Club. As she was driving back from the meeting, I asked her how it went. Her response was interesting and has spurred this post.

She said the lady was ecstatic. She said the meeting went great and they are most likely going to do a club in a local public school. She even said the children’s minister cried as she thought about reaching the kids in the surrounding schools; as she pictured their faces and knew some of them by name since her daughter attended one of the schools. “I know some of them will never step foot in our church, so I know this could be the only type of church (Jesus) they will see,” she said.

Dana went on to tell me how encouraging it was to see this godly woman’s heart break for her community, specifically the children. And she compared it to other meetings she’s had with other children ministers. Most have all gone fine. Most have been great. But she noted the different mindsets.

Some were like the lady above. It was passion and vision. It was passion and vision first, then details and the “how to”. With others though, it was “How are we going to do this, where will we get the people, how much does it cost?”, over and over before the vision had a chance. And believe me, those are important (up front) questions. Nothing wrong with that. But sometimes the details get so much in the way, the passion is missing and/or the vision never had a chance.

The funny thing is, you have to have both. It doesn’t do you much good to have a great vision and a hunger for doing great things without a plan to implement it; or a strategy; or knowing the details, the how to. And it doesn’t do you much good to have tons and tons of strategies and maps and books and knowledge and tons of organization without the hunger; the zeal; the passion; the overwhelming desire.

So they go hand-in-hand, eh. Pretty neat too how people compliment each other, whether it be a church staff or business or whatever.

Very cool, encouraging story. May our hearts break daily for those we live around, work around, play around, etc. May we constantly catch a new vision, stay passionate…and yes, pay attention to details too.

Thanks For The Random "War Eagle"

July 13, 2007

I was in a local drive-thru this afternoon when a lady behind me honked her horn. Looking in my rear view mirror, my first thought was, “Oh, huh, I must know this lady,” so I stuck my head out the window while waiting on my Double Decker Soft Taco Supreme (oh wait, that gives away the restaurant, eh?). As soon as I did she yells, “Hey, WAR EAGLE!”. (I have an Auburn bumper sticker.) Now keep in mind, I live in NW Georgia. You don’t hear that uttered too often. And plus, it’s not football season. And plus, it was at a Taco Bell drive thru – quite random!

So thanks lady. You reminded of why I like (miss) AUburn so much. It’s far more than a college experience. Far more than tailgaiting on Saturdays. Even saying it’s “Family” is an understatement. So thanks, and as I said today, “War Eagle to you!”

p.s. For all UGA fans and other simple minded creatures, I’m not going to explain the legend of War Eagle anymore. No links this time. Do your own research this time. After living in GA for 2.5 years I’m quite tired of explaining such a simple tradition. Get a clue. p.s.s. Jesus Loves You.