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These Kids Nowadays

July 19, 2007

Dude, I just want to smack myself sometimes. Why am I looking at how kids act and saying weird comments like a (gulp) 70 yr old guy would say? Argh. For example: I see 2 neighborhood kids today riding around in their go-cart for HOURS. And instead of thinking, “Ahhh, that’s cool, maybe I can get my boys something like that one day…” I think something like this: “Somebody get those boys a wiffle ball and a tree limb and some rocks! They need to be playing home run derby and building something and burning bugs…..they’re missing out…back in my day…”

And there it was. THE phrase. The phrase that ushers young kids like me in to a whole new arena of life. THE phrase that separates the boys from the men. (Ok, maybe I’m just playing this up a little too much.) “Back in my day…” Yep, I said it. I thought it. I…..(gulp) MEANT IT.

Dude, I’m only 30. What’s up with that? Why the animosity? I should just leave these poor kids and their go-cart alone. But I suppose I just can’t. My conscience won’t let me. I think “these kids nowadays” need more playing outside and less TV; more running and less gas powered vehicles.

Addition: Late last night Dana and I went to Transformers (as expected, cheesy but incredible special effects). There was only 12 or so people in the theatre. About 20 minutes into the movie, 2 teenage girls bust in and sit on our row, chatting with 2 teenage boys above them, asking for their phone numbers, etc. No bigee. A little disruptive, with giggling and whispering, etc. BUT AFTER 10 MINUTES OF IT, I’d had enough. So I politely walked over to them and said, “Please be considerate of others and DO NOT TALK during the movie”. Greeeaaaaaat, now I’m telling pesky kids to hush during the movies. Maybe I should just go ahead and purchase a set of dentures.