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Just Shoot Straight With Me

July 26, 2007

After having hundreds upon hundreds of conversations with seniors these past 2 years, one thing I learned fast is they don’t want the fluff. Hype? No thanks. Sales pitch? Already heard it a thousand times. They just want the hard cold facts and they appreciate someone being candid with them – free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge.

Also, part of this shooting straight is not being timid in talking about death. It’s amazing just how comfortable I’ve gotten talking about the subject. (Spiritually speaking, I guess we SHOULD be comfortable, eh?) I answer questions every day about passing on homes, trusts, heirs, debt, etc. Early on I found it strange talking about someone dying…with THAT someone…but now it’s just par for the course.

This principle of candidness could easily be applied to all areas of life. After all, the success of churches, businesses, and families often hinges on the lack of or success in communication.