My Son’s First Ticket

Most families would not consider celebrating their son’s first ticket. But, we’re not your average family. So today we celebrate Braden’s first “law breaking” experience.

We were on the big indoor playground in Mt. Berry Square Mall in Rome, GA. It’s nice. It’s padded. Kids love it. Our kids go crazy over it. (Ahhhhhh….cheap entertainment.) We were playing away when rent-a-cop…as in Mall Security Dude…walked up to me and Braden (my oldest – 6 yrs old) and reached into his shirt pocket to grab a pen and pad. Immediately I began thinking, “Ok, this is weird. What’s going on?! What did one of my kids do? How did I not see it? I’ve been here the whole time. Geez…what in the world is going on?”

Long story short, he was writing up a ticket. A “free carousel pass” ticket cause he was about to kick Braden out of this area for being over 42 inches tall. Yep, you heard me correctly. The mall security would rather gear their energy toward giving out “too tall” tickets to 6 yr olds (for the record, he’s like maybe 46 inches tall) instead of catching shoplifters. But hey, rules are rules and we didn’t make a fuss. Plus, Braden rode the cheetah on the carousel which was pretty cool.

So today we celebrate. Congrats Braden on your first ticket. What a rebel.

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