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You Just Made History

July 22, 2007

Ever need a reminder that your actions are important…or that they have consequences…or everything matters?

This phrase popped in my head this morning and it’s been floating there all day. Often, when you hear of someone “making history” it’s because they’ve invented something, cured something, married someone, or was the first person to __________. But I thought about something. You make history every day. (Yeah, I know…REAL profound here, huh–ha.) But think about it. With every decision and every action and every attitude and every…you get the point…you are making history. This would be a great place to insert: THANK GOODNESS FOR GOD’S MERCY, EH? Ever made a big goof, wanted a big do-over? Ever made bad history? Thank goodness for grace.

As insignificant as deciding between Honeycomb cereal or oatmeal is, it’s still history. But I guess if this post has any point (yeah, I know, you’re still waiting) it’s to remind us all that our decisions make history. Life can get quite mundane sometimes. Routine. Even feel insignificant. But we’re making history every day. What a great opportunity we have to change the world/better our family/represent Christ/support the Auburn Tigers (how did that get in there?).

Bonus: One of my favorite history changing examples is a testimony of a First Generation Believer – someone who is the first in their family to ever follow Christ. If that doesn’t get you fired up then you may want to check your pulse. THAT is making history!

Mean Clean Machine

July 20, 2007

Isn’t it a great GREAT feeling when you clean up your office (yeah, the one you can’t see anymore) or finally get around to emptying your garage (so it no longer looks like the redneck photos submitted to the Blue Collar TV show). Around the Sutton house we are 50% complete with some major projects – including painting, throwing out/donating tons of toys, cleaning out closets and the garage, etc.

What a stinkin’ relief. I’m not the most organized person in the world, but that’s changing. Things are looking sharp and crisp. And the coolest part: When I un-clutter stuff, I feel I can accomplish much much more.

p.s. While cleaning, I found the Bama sweatshirt that a relative bought as a gag gift for our youngest, Camden. It found its way to file #9 (el TRASHO!).

These Kids Nowadays

July 19, 2007

Dude, I just want to smack myself sometimes. Why am I looking at how kids act and saying weird comments like a (gulp) 70 yr old guy would say? Argh. For example: I see 2 neighborhood kids today riding around in their go-cart for HOURS. And instead of thinking, “Ahhh, that’s cool, maybe I can get my boys something like that one day…” I think something like this: “Somebody get those boys a wiffle ball and a tree limb and some rocks! They need to be playing home run derby and building something and burning bugs…..they’re missing out…back in my day…”

And there it was. THE phrase. The phrase that ushers young kids like me in to a whole new arena of life. THE phrase that separates the boys from the men. (Ok, maybe I’m just playing this up a little too much.) “Back in my day…” Yep, I said it. I thought it. I…..(gulp) MEANT IT.

Dude, I’m only 30. What’s up with that? Why the animosity? I should just leave these poor kids and their go-cart alone. But I suppose I just can’t. My conscience won’t let me. I think “these kids nowadays” need more playing outside and less TV; more running and less gas powered vehicles.

Addition: Late last night Dana and I went to Transformers (as expected, cheesy but incredible special effects). There was only 12 or so people in the theatre. About 20 minutes into the movie, 2 teenage girls bust in and sit on our row, chatting with 2 teenage boys above them, asking for their phone numbers, etc. No bigee. A little disruptive, with giggling and whispering, etc. BUT AFTER 10 MINUTES OF IT, I’d had enough. So I politely walked over to them and said, “Please be considerate of others and DO NOT TALK during the movie”. Greeeaaaaaat, now I’m telling pesky kids to hush during the movies. Maybe I should just go ahead and purchase a set of dentures.

Coming Summer 09

July 18, 2007

Ok, so I’m always full of ideas. Yeah, I’d say a good 75% of them are too random and too un-noteworthy to share with the general public…but occasionally a good one comes along (God-inspired). And I had one the other day that I just can’t let go. It would be beneficial to the spiritual growth of my family and I feel it would help other families as well. So with great anticipation and nervousness and glee (that’s just a weird word), I announce my first attempt at writing a book. Not cause I really want to, but because I love the concept and idea too much to let it go.

I’ll keep all 9.76 of you wonderful, faithful readers updated on the progress of this daunting project. And no, I can’t tell you what it’s about. I’ve been instructed to keep it a secret.

Man, I’m really going to miss TV.

Life Of The Party

July 17, 2007

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…..a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.” Ecclesiastes 3:1&4

3 of my 4 kids were the life of the party this past Saturday. It was on the dance floor of the wedding reception where they unveiled some serious dance moves…or at least attempted to show rhythm. It was quite humorous. No, actually, it was stinkin’ hilarious. Braden had some kind of “cool guy” pointing with his fingers thing going on…Kinley just twirled her dress around (like Cinderella she says)…and Logan, being the stud he is, tried to dance with every girl under 4 ft. tall. Keep in mind their ages. 6,4,and almost 3.

Watching them Saturday night, and enjoying being with family all weekend, I thought of the verse above. I thought about the funerals we have been to in the past few years. Or the news of a friend we just received that is now with our Father after battling cancer. And then there’s the good times. A time to laugh. And a time to dance.

I think it’s important to embrace these seasons. In other words, I was reminded this weekend that having FUN and “kicking back” is a must. Amidst the chaos of 4 kids, helping grow a new ministry, a transition to a new company in my sales job, etc, I’m determined to bring plenty of humor and times of flat-out-fun to our lives. More than just goofing, I’m talking about celebrating life…knowing that other seasons are always just ahead.

Back At It

July 16, 2007

Back again from another weekend of traveling. Since it’s Monday and I have tons to do, here’s a few pics from my vzw phone. Enjoy. (We went to Bham for a family wedding – Dana was a bridesmaid, Braden a Ring Bearer, Logan a Bell Ringer, and Kinley a Flower Girl.)

Friday Pic

July 13, 2007