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What’s It Like?

August 10, 2007

So tell me, what’s it like? I really want to know. What’s it like watching our arrogance? What’s it like hearing us say some of things we say…and how do you keep silent? How do you not respond sometimes? Your quiet confidence speaks volumes. What’s it like to see our “success” and hear us compare it to your “dead” ministry? What’s it like to watch us parade our new, innovative, “far better” techniques, approaches, philosophies, ultra “cool” and yet somehow much much deeper spiritual stuff? What’s it like?

No sir. No ma’am. We are not all this way. But yes sir, unfortunately too many are. And how did it reach this anyway? Why is it an us/you thing? We are all on the same team, right? I suppose for good intentions so many of us set out to plant new places of hope. To reach new people. But I apologize to you – some of the greatest generation ever – for our arrogance. Whether intentional or unintentional, we’ve discounted your years of service. With slicing critiques and unwise words we diminish your faithfulness to Christ and His Bride.

Kind of funny when you think about it. We get excited over X number of people coming to our new place. Yet, when I think about the years you’ve invested into the few…and how those few went on to change a few more….and those went on to influence more…ahh….wow…I see…THAT is discipleship. Yeah, we try to integrate “discipleship” too. But I’m just not sure it’s as effective as what you’ve done.

So tell me, what’s it like? And after you tell me what it’s been like to watch me make a fool of myself (sometimes a good fool – for Christ), help me. Pass on what you have. My generation desperately needs it. We need the balance. We need your years of wisdom. We need your patience and insight. We need your discipline in prayer and faithfulness.

I can’t contain the excitement when I think about coupling our enthusiasm and “do whatever it takes” attitude with your years of experience, wisdom, spiritually maturity, and leadership.

Rock on. (Oh, sorry, that’s code for Praise the Lord!)