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"It’s Almost Like They’re Little Adults"

August 14, 2007

I was listening to a radio station interview The Duggar Family this morning, on my way to work. It was not a Christian radio station and it was quite humorous to hear some of the interaction. One caller was frustrated…actually, quite upset…at this family because she felt they were denying their kids a “normal” childhood and somewhat enslaving them by requiring they pitch in and help. Mrs.Duggar patiently, and with tons of grace, responded to each question and remark. She explained that the older children actually wanted to help out. That they did their best to raise them with a mindset of serving others.

She elaborated on that point and captured everyone’s attention. She pointed to the fact that in our society today we have SUCH a culture of selfishness. And kids are not taught nearly enough to serve others. She talked about the reward of living like this, and the joy their family finds in serving one another…and how she wouldn’t expect anyone to truly understand. (For the record: I don’t know where they stand theologically, but props for promoting family and servanthood!)

The caller interrupted Mrs.Duggar and said, “Yeah, but, but,…I don’t know, it’s still just weird, you relying on your older ones to take care of the younger ones…it’s almost like they’re little adults or something.” When I heard her say that I thought WOW. So many parents are clueless, eh? (Including myself often times.) Have people forgotten that your children ARE little adults?!? How SOFT have we gotten? Are we teaching responsibility any more?

I realize it’s a fine line…especially as a follower of Christ. The line is this: Not wanting to be legalistic. You don’t want to harp so much on responsibility, discipline, DEMANDING allegiance/servanthood…we know the result of that. But dude, wow. Have we forgotten that children ARE little adults and we are cultivating their skills, etc? I mean, it wasn’t too many decades ago that around the age of 12 they were expected to BIG TIME contribute to the economy of the family, etc.

Well, I think you get the point. In fear that I will start sounding too mature or like an old goob, I’ll get back to my Honeycomb cereal in a cup and my Mountain Dew.

Summary: Yeah, they’re kids…let em be kids…but cmon, never forget they CAN handle much more responsibility than we give them now-a-days. And great job Mrs.Duggar. Great reminder on serving others—-especially FAMILY, which is very difficult at times.