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Friday’s Quote

August 17, 2007

Today’s quote comes from my 4 yr old, Logan:

Logan: Mommy, you’re my best friend, I love you.
Editor’s Note: This is a huge step for us. He’s our strong willed child. Sometimes when he’s upset he’ll say “I’m NOT your best friend”….so this this random act of love is huge for us! 🙂
Dana: Ahhh Logan, thank you, I love you too.
Logan: Mommy, I never want you to go away…
Dana: Well Logan, I don’t either, I will always love you and always be your mommy…
Logan: Cause mommy, if you go away then we won’t have anyone to take us to Chuckie Cheese…boys and girls can’t go to Chuckie Cheese without somebody to watch them.
Dana: (Laughing Hysterically)
Logan: And Mommy, if I tried to get in car and drive, I crash.
Dana: (Laughing Even More Hysterically) Logan, I love you, now go ahead and lay down and take your nap.

family+friends=very cool weekend

August 17, 2007

We have friends and family coming in town this weekend. A little birthday celebration for my only daughter, Kinley. I was looking through some old pictures the other day and was reminded just how important family is. (Given, though, that most family is very strange and should be highly medicated…ha.) I reminisced about the days when we would ALWAYS go down the road to my cousin’s house, or my grandmother’s house….or some family member’s pad…to celebrate someone’s birthday. Actually, we didn’t even need a birthday excuse to get together. We used to gather for fish fries. (These gatherings included home made icecream, hand crank style.) We used to gather…..JUST to gather. I miss those days sometimes.

What I love most about family and what I love most about friends from my hometown or childhood or my past – THEY KNOW ME. We always pick up wherever we left off. And they keep you grounded. As Dana and I have floated from KY to GA and have signed on for new adventures along the way – ministries and careers and everything under the moon – these vitally important people remind us of who we REALLY are and keep us grounded. They also pray for us like nobody’s business. (That’s an unusual phrase.)

So I’m looking forward to rocking NorthWest Georgia this weekend. Will be taking everyone to the SonFest in Woodstock, GA. (Hint: Free admission, free inflatables for kids to jump on, great music.)

Afterthought: Yes, I even love the Bama fans in my family…God bless their soul. 🙂