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On The Brain

August 22, 2007

* Just how TALL can my grass get? Wonder if I should try and set a neighborhood record…or maybe I should actually get out there and cut it some time soon.

* Have been working long hours lately…plus on the go with kid’s sports now…we need another vacation and QUICK.

* Heard a stat on the radio this morning: Atlanta has more 25-34 yr olds than anywhere in the country. And they keep coming in droves. (For those in ministry looking to target singles or that age group—come to hotlanta!)

* My work provided me with a new Treo. I’m lovin it. I feel “official” now. Ha.

* It’s scary how much a 6 yr old already understands about life and faith and how much they watch your actions.

* Verizon is the best wireless network, no debate.

* Bluetooth is overrated.

* Apple computers are overrated.

* TV is overrated…I still watch too much of it though.

* In my f/t sales job, I am fortunate. I work around people who have been in ministry for years. We have a ton in common, the same heart for people, and just downright get along great. I am very fortunate to have this work atmosphere.

* Do you think playing poker is a sin?

* I still don’t own an Ipod…not yet.

* Thing I’m looking forward to most in the next 48 hours: purchasing a new pair of dress slacks.

* The previous comment makes my life a sad and pathetic one. 🙂

* I dearly miss ultimate frisbee.

* We serve an incredible INCREDIBLE God. We are extremely flawed. He is extremely forgiving and full of mercy. His love endures forever. What a great and trustworthy God!