Thursday Unload

  • I’m looking forward to watching LSU vs MSU on the teli tonight. Never thought I’d be excited over watching these two play, but hey – it’s the first game of the season!
  • Yesterday, while driving to work, John 15:5 came to mind – again and again. The thoughts of “apart from Him – we can do NOTHING”. Funny how we commit our lives to this calling, this following of Jesus…and it’s impossible to live it without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; impossible to do on our own merit; we are extremely weak – yet through Him and in Him and by Him, we approach the Father with the utmost confidence, blameless, set apart, Holy, asking for whatever we need. (Yeah, elementary stuff here…but dude, just amazing when you stop and consider it.) So yesterday it was just a great drive time of reflecting on His sustaining strength and a reminder that we must daily yield our wants and desires and most importantly, “stop trying” – realizing that ANY good that will come out of me that day will come from Him.
  • Flying to Dallas next weekend. Meeting with kIDS Beach Club again. Dana and I always come back refreshed after being around this group. When you are around people who have given decades of their life to serving kids and loving kids and have a passion to teach children about God…man, it just fires you up. Refreshment for the soul.
  • Another co-worker of mine switched to Verizon yesterday. Another soul saved. (ha)
  • Dana fell down the stairs recently (sorry babe, had to share). You ought to see the bruise on her arm. Ouch.
  • I’m looking forward to spending time with family on Monday. No work!
  • I’m kinda/sorta/a little/still trying to avoid/pretty much already doing it – coaching Logan’s 4yr old soccer team. Kinda got stuck on me. It’s a riot. I’m seriously about to go “Patch Adams” on them and start doing some really unconventional practice drills. I mean, cmon, these are 4yr olds. How do you think the parents will react when I have the kids act like their favorite animal while kicking the ball into the net?
  • Spoke with an 85yr old lady from NJ yesterday. She moved to the US when she was 27, from Italy. She talked about her famous pasta and meatballs. I would LOVE to drive up to NJ and partake of her delicious cooking. Imagine how old her recipe is. Yummy.
  • Random question of the day…from my 6yr old…”Daddy, bad guys don’t trust God, do they?”
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2 Comments on “Thursday Unload”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tell Dana that I am in that club with her…I fell down the stairs in April with my daughter in my arms and broke my big painful! I swear those stairs multiplied b/c I should have been stepping off the last stair but instead I missed the last four! I just chalk it up to a blonde moment! Miss you guys!

    Susan Edwards

  2. Jonathan Sutton Says:

    Broke your toe?!?! Good gracious! Glad you are ok though. “…those stairs multiplied…”, now that I haven’t heard before. I like that. I’ll share that with Dana. Good stuff. 🙂

    Give a big War Eagle to Jason for me. I just know he loves that. (ha)

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