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She Needs Your Help

August 31, 2007

Ok, here’s the Friday Challenge:

Guys – Dads in particular – our wives need our help. Let me preface this statement with a few points. First, I’m saying this because I’ve failed miserably before (numerous times…ok, too many to count) in this area. Consider this more of a journal entry than a blog post. Second, for you “deep” thinkers out there, don’t take this too far. I’m not elaborating on the role of woman vs. men. (I can hear some extremist shouting now, “But the woman is the help mate!”) Not trying to debate anything like that here.

So, here’s the point. And it hit me randomly this morning. My wife needs my help. (Wow, revolutionary, eh?) But seriously, it’s SO EASY for us dudes to get so wrapped up in our work (good thing, yes) and our football and our whatever whatever, that we forget to do simple things to help out our wives. I relate this mostly to us with kiddos…especially if you have more than one.

So here’s our weekend challenge: Let’s do a little extra. Give em a break. 1 day of no diaper changing. Or, like I need to do more of, help get the kids ready for school in the morning. Pick up, clean up. Do more than the trash. Surprise her with a back massage (if you got a little cash, make it a professional one). Wash a load of clothes (wait, that’s taking it too far…ha).

For those thinking I’m just writing this to earn some points or to make myself look good…………………I would never do such a thing. Warning: Sarcasm Detected