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Awesome One Minute Painting

September 28, 2007

Next Question

September 28, 2007

Question: I’ve heard you’re cheap. Just how cheap are you?

Answer: So cheap that when buying a $9.99 pair of sunglasses yesterday at the drugstore, I asked for a discount because there was a small scratch on the left lens.

(The scratch was so small you had to squint to see it.)
(It worked. I paid $7.99 for my wonderful new shades.)

Question of the Day

September 27, 2007

The interview format did not flow, so now the format will be “Question of the Day”?

Question: Jonathan, with Auburn being 2-2, both losses coming from unranked teams, what are their odds of winning against Florida IN THE SWAMP this weekend?

Answer: I’m having a good morning, can we please keep this positive.

Interview w/Self : Volume 1, Chapter 1, Section 3b, Row 14, Seat 09

September 26, 2007

To ease the flow of this interview, my subconscious will be called “Tom”.

Tom: Good morning Mr. Sutton, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview.
Jonathan: No problem, let’s get to it.
Tom: Absolutely. This morning’s interview will consist of a series of random questions.
Jonathan: Gee, what surprise.

Tom: Question number 1: As a devout follower of your blog, I’ve noticed you haven’t mentioned any good church signs lately. Why is that?
Jonathan: Well, I’m trying not to “slam” or be negative towards someone or something…especially the body of Christ. We have enough of that already. However, it’s funny you mention the church sign thing…cause I just saw one yesterday morning that HAS to be mentioned.
Tom: Ok, but keep it clean, be nice.
Jonathan: Sure thing. The sign said, “Almost living right is still wrong! Right is easy with God’s help.” I’ll keep this brief and simple. This sign does absolutely no good. Here’s how I see it: To me, this sign says, “Nice try, but you failed. You ‘almost’ got it right, but your not up to our standard. God/We demand perfection. You are still wrong! If you ‘almost’ did the right thing, good try, but you’re still damned!” By the way, why do any church signs address the community with messages like this? What possible good could come from a sign like this? When I pass by a sign like that, my first thought goes to the divorced guy who lives 2 houses down from the church. He grew up in the church. Was married in the church. But then things went sour. His life unraveled. His marriage fell apart. And within the blink of an eye, he found himself isolated from his friends at church. He’s not sure how it happened. But now he feels he can NEVER go back. Why is that? It’s because of the attitude of the “saints” at that church. To them, this guy failed. He didn’t “live right”. He almost did. He did for awhile. But as we all know, Jesus only died for those who live right. :-0 This oozes and smells of PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE. Where is your focus church? We are not in the business of trying to help/make people “live right”. We are in the business of extending the same grace and forgiveness to others that has been poured on to us. Stop telling people they are wrong. You only make our job harder. Please read more carefully how Jesus handled the religious people of His day. The parallel to what we do sometimes…how we treat unbelievers…how we put the external standards of living above WHO we are following…you may find this parallel frightening.

Due to my insanely long response, I’ll continue with question 2 and 3 at a later date.

Don’t Stop Running!

September 24, 2007

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
2 Timothy 4:7

I heard the phrase, “Don’t Stop Running!”, twice this weekend. In two different places. For two different reasons. But one is a great illustration for the other.

The first place I heard it was out of my own mouth on Saturday. It was on the soccer field. It was spoken to my 6 yr old and his soccer team. I think it’s one of the crucial things you attempt to teach kiddos who are learning the game of soccer. Followthrough. Don’t stop running. The tendency is to stop. The tendency is to not keep going when confronted by Billy on the other team. But great things happen when they keep dribbling. When they run back to play defense. When they bust through 4 defenders and shoot in the left corner of the goal, away from the goalie. It seems so easy to us, doesn’t it? From the sideline. They are right there. Right in front of the goal. Just turn and shoot! Just don’t stop! You are almost there!

The second place I heard it was at church yesterday, when hanging out with the youth. It really wasn’t part of the main message, just a phrase the middle school pastor used. But it stuck with me. “Don’t stop running to Christ!….He defines who you are…not your failures…keep pursuing Him, keep pursuing holiness…Don’t stop running to Christ!”

Following Christ, it could be said, is much like a soccer match. In our journey, in our struggle, in our following…we must keep running. We know there will be setbacks. We know our enemy is out to destroy us. Embarrass us. Stop us in our tracks. But just as in soccer, we have teammates. We have support. We have others to run with. Just don’t stop running! Simplistic? Extremely. Important? Unbelievably important! Crucial to our following.

So there’s your Monday morning encouragement. No matter where you are, no matter what the score…please remember 1/2 the battle is to just keep pursuing; Don’t stop running.


September 22, 2007

What’s up crew? Been awhile, eh? On the brain this Saturday morning:

I was reminiscing the other day about tornadoes. I grew up in “Tornado Valley” (The Tennessee Valley, North Alabama). I was thinking back to the underground shelter that was owned by this crazy old dude down the road from our house. I was remembering how crazy old dude became our best friend on many occasions. 🙂 I also remember when we got a phone call one Friday night, after a tornado had hit the local middle school and a couple of nearby neighborhoods. We had friends in those neighborhoods. We hopped in the car to go help. I remember being shocked by what I saw. One of the neighborhoods was nice. Big houses. Big brick houses. Strong houses. Didn’t matter. What came through there made everything look vulnerable and weak. We huddled together with a family that was lucky to be alive. The dad, JUST prior to the thing hitting his house, grabbed his kids and wife and threw everyone in the hallway closet and became a shield over them. As we walked through what was once a home, we were amazed how that closet was one of the few areas unharmed.

Things are going great with my work, Generation Mortgage. That’s a big part of why I haven’t blogged in awhile. Very busy.

HERE is a great article on Auburn’s Football Program. I hope they can turn things around this year and get a few good upsets.

God may be leading Dana and I back in to churchplanting. (Never thought I would say that this soon.) Will keep everyone posted.

Last Sunday I was a main character in a sketch at Northstar Church, 3rd-5th. Getting back in to drama (specifically with kids) is awesome. I’m right at home. The main phrase last week…that we can all benefit from: “We need to look for ways to tell friends and family about Jesus.”

My “little” bro is getting married in November. He’s the last of us Sutton boys to get hitched. It’ll be a fun time. Outdoor wedding on Monte Sano Mountain. But shhhhh…y’all don’t say anything….but Justin has a little surprise coming. What, you think we wouldn’t do something really really embarrassing for the last one through?

Proud of My Home State

September 13, 2007

The front page of my home state’s website (or at least the most popular state site) has THIS story and the above pic headlining today.

I’m just not sure what to say right now. Wow. I’m proud to be from Alabama? Ummmm….hmmm…wow. Iraq? Health care? A kidnapping? Election? Sports? No, those are secondary.

🙂 gotta love it