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Dear Mr. Freeman

September 3, 2007

Dear Mr. KSU quarterback, Josh Freeman:
Congrats on a phenomenal game. You came into Jordan Hare Stadium and acted like it was your backyard. You dominated a good defensive team for 3.75 quarters. You had 33 completions for 289 yards. You were poised. You are extremely athletic and quick. Dude, I’m not being sarcastic…there’s no doubt you are a great quarterback. I hope you guys do well in the Big 12. (I now see why you guys beat #4 Texas last year.)
But Mr. Freeman, you do realize your MAJOR mistake, right? You do realize that you caused the turning point in the game, right? Now, this is just a humble fan’s opinion – a fan who was sitting on the 45 yard line last night, row 8. I had a perfect view of your lost focus. I guess it was around 6 minutes left (just going from memory here…hard to remember, I was depressed most of the game because or your team’s dominance) that you decided you’d had enough of our defensive lineman getting the crowd back in the game. They were doing the usual hand/arm motions, asking the faithful fans (especially the student section) to bring the noise and help out. You decided to do the EXACT SAME MOTION, asking the crowd to bring it, as if you were saying, “I’m not scared, bring it…you got nothin’!”
Uh….Josh….I’m no football player, but….uh….you might want to leave the trash talking to linebackers and lineman. Not only did you say bring the noise, but you also mouthed off at our defensive lineman. Dude, here’s some free advice: You had the game won. Our offense had sputtered all night. You just needed one more decent drive. You had done it all night. But I guess you just couldn’t resist, eh? You lost focus dude.
The moment you did that, not only did it tick our fans off enough to increase the decibel level, but it also lit a fire in our defense that ultimately resulted in your demise (see pics above) – 2 sacks, a fumble, and an interception, all at the end of the game.
A frustrating game, but no doubt one of the best endings I’ve witnessed in some time.