Don’t Stop Running!

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
2 Timothy 4:7

I heard the phrase, “Don’t Stop Running!”, twice this weekend. In two different places. For two different reasons. But one is a great illustration for the other.

The first place I heard it was out of my own mouth on Saturday. It was on the soccer field. It was spoken to my 6 yr old and his soccer team. I think it’s one of the crucial things you attempt to teach kiddos who are learning the game of soccer. Followthrough. Don’t stop running. The tendency is to stop. The tendency is to not keep going when confronted by Billy on the other team. But great things happen when they keep dribbling. When they run back to play defense. When they bust through 4 defenders and shoot in the left corner of the goal, away from the goalie. It seems so easy to us, doesn’t it? From the sideline. They are right there. Right in front of the goal. Just turn and shoot! Just don’t stop! You are almost there!

The second place I heard it was at church yesterday, when hanging out with the youth. It really wasn’t part of the main message, just a phrase the middle school pastor used. But it stuck with me. “Don’t stop running to Christ!….He defines who you are…not your failures…keep pursuing Him, keep pursuing holiness…Don’t stop running to Christ!”

Following Christ, it could be said, is much like a soccer match. In our journey, in our struggle, in our following…we must keep running. We know there will be setbacks. We know our enemy is out to destroy us. Embarrass us. Stop us in our tracks. But just as in soccer, we have teammates. We have support. We have others to run with. Just don’t stop running! Simplistic? Extremely. Important? Unbelievably important! Crucial to our following.

So there’s your Monday morning encouragement. No matter where you are, no matter what the score…please remember 1/2 the battle is to just keep pursuing; Don’t stop running.

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