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Wednesday Happenings

September 12, 2007

>Bought the above in downtown C’ville this morning, off the back of a dude’s truck. He also had tOmAters 4 sale. For the past 50 years, every Wed and Saturday, the locals will park in downtown Cartersville and sell their garden goods. I’ve heard this stuff is good. We shall see. I’m testing it on my mother-in-law. She comes in to town today to help with the kiddos while Dana attends a Christian Counseling conference in Nashville. She likes hot salsa (I don’t), so this is just a small way to say THANKS for coming and helping us out. My father-in-law John will join in the battle (4 kids) tomorrow morning, broken leg and all.

>Soccer season is in full swing now. Braden and Logan played their first game Monday evening. They both did great and they absolutely love chasing a ball around the field and drinking blue powerade and eating snacks. While I was coaching Logan’s team, Braden had a game going on at the same time. According to Dana, Braden played defense most of the game…until he went up to the coach and said something like, “Hey coach, I’d like to play up there and take the ball down the field and score a goal.” The coach finally gave in and switched him to forward. Dana said within 60 seconds he got a breakaway opportunity, took the ball down the field, and scored. Atta boy! (Just like Dad used to do in high school soccer…well….except his kick when in the goal.)

>Working with seniors can have its frustrations at times, but overall it’s a blast and I can’t get enough of their stories. If you don’t have the patience to sit and listen to their life stories, I feel for you. You’re missing out.

>Prior to the games on Monday night, both Dana and Kinley were stung by a yellowjacket (unrelated to Georgia Tech). Kinley’s has gotten better. Dana’s arm still looks like a red ripe tomato.

>kIDS Beach Club is going great. About to launch our first club in Paulding County. Having a good gathering of local ministers next Thursday for a brief info meeting. Fun times.

>No carbonated beverages for 30 days. I’m on day 3. So far, I don’t miss it. I’ve heard water is good to drink every now and then. 🙂


September 11, 2007

How To Lose A Game, part "duh"

September 9, 2007

Hmmmmm, how ironic. Looks like I made my “How To Lose A Game” post one week too early. South Florida put it to the Tigers last night. Congrats to em.

Uh…duh…yeah, you’re going to lose if you turn the ball over 5 times.

But hey, I’m not a fair weather fan. Time to re-group and do your best in conference play. Let’s go.

How to Lose a Football Game

September 7, 2007

(For those who read my blog…all 5 of you, sorry it’s been a slow week…more posts coming soon!) Here is the evidence of the meltdown I told you about from my previous AU post. I told you the quarterback made a bonehead move!

Wednesday Is Today

September 5, 2007

+ I could work 90 hours this week and still have stuff to get done. (This is no complaint – I’m in sales! I love being swamped!)

+ Cool thing happened last week at work: A lady had used up all her sick leave recovering from a surgery, so someone in HR sent out a company-wide email asking if anyone wanted to donate a vacation/sick day to her. I think she was in a bind and couldn’t really afford any unpaid time off. The response was remarkable! She’s probably set for the next couple of months. Some people donated 1/2 of their vacation. That’s cool. That’s steppin’ up. That’s unselfish. That’s caring. Good stuff.

+ Driving back from being out town this weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about different business ideas. The overwhelming one: I have a ton of good ideas on how to run an extremely profitable, great Truck Leasing Company (Think UHaul, without all the problems.) I have no idea where the thought came from, but it wouldn’t leave me alone. Maybe I’ll make a few phone calls and try to sell my idea. Or maybe I’ll just get back to work and wait til my genius Beanie Baby idea kicks in. (that’s a joke in case you missed it.)

+ I’ve stopped yelling at my neighbor’s cats. It used to bug me that they would come over every night and sleep in my driveway. But after realizing that they hunt down and DESTROY rodents (you know, like mice!), they are a welcome visitor.

+ Looking forward to flying out to Dallas this weekend. Texas residents are very proud of their state – like nowhere I’ve seen before.

+ Have I ever mentioned that having four kids, all under age 6, is a little crazy?

+ If I had time and money right now (and little responsibility): I would take a photography class, an acting class, tour with a drama team, go work for an inner-city ministry for a couple of months, visit California, let Dana get away for 2 straight weeks with nothing but relaxation on the agenda, build an airplane (oh wait, that’s weird), go play 8 different disc golf courses over a weekend, and eat a Ruth’s Chris steak. If the previous were put in order, I would start with the steak.

Dear Mr. Freeman

September 3, 2007

Dear Mr. KSU quarterback, Josh Freeman:
Congrats on a phenomenal game. You came into Jordan Hare Stadium and acted like it was your backyard. You dominated a good defensive team for 3.75 quarters. You had 33 completions for 289 yards. You were poised. You are extremely athletic and quick. Dude, I’m not being sarcastic…there’s no doubt you are a great quarterback. I hope you guys do well in the Big 12. (I now see why you guys beat #4 Texas last year.)
But Mr. Freeman, you do realize your MAJOR mistake, right? You do realize that you caused the turning point in the game, right? Now, this is just a humble fan’s opinion – a fan who was sitting on the 45 yard line last night, row 8. I had a perfect view of your lost focus. I guess it was around 6 minutes left (just going from memory here…hard to remember, I was depressed most of the game because or your team’s dominance) that you decided you’d had enough of our defensive lineman getting the crowd back in the game. They were doing the usual hand/arm motions, asking the faithful fans (especially the student section) to bring the noise and help out. You decided to do the EXACT SAME MOTION, asking the crowd to bring it, as if you were saying, “I’m not scared, bring it…you got nothin’!”
Uh….Josh….I’m no football player, but….uh….you might want to leave the trash talking to linebackers and lineman. Not only did you say bring the noise, but you also mouthed off at our defensive lineman. Dude, here’s some free advice: You had the game won. Our offense had sputtered all night. You just needed one more decent drive. You had done it all night. But I guess you just couldn’t resist, eh? You lost focus dude.
The moment you did that, not only did it tick our fans off enough to increase the decibel level, but it also lit a fire in our defense that ultimately resulted in your demise (see pics above) – 2 sacks, a fumble, and an interception, all at the end of the game.
A frustrating game, but no doubt one of the best endings I’ve witnessed in some time.