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Are you kidding me? Dude, totally awesome!

October 9, 2007

Could you ever imagine something like THIS in Georgia?!?!

Uh….dude…uh, gnarly, eh? Uh,pssstttt…come here…come closer…check THIS out. It’s not a pipe dream, no pun intended.

Further Proof
A Video
A Pic

Possible dilemma: My in-laws live just a few miles from the proposed spot. Let me get a feel from them whether or not they want something like this in their backyard. If not, then I’ll come back on here and say what a horrible idea this is and how we need to protect the environment and this will kill fish in the lake and…..wait, who am I kidding, no I won’t! 30 restaurants?!? World’s only indoor snowmobile track? Two ice rinks? Two quarter-pipes, a half-pipe, and a super pipe?!? A mogul field?!? 2,500-seat outdoor amphitheater and replica of a European castle?!?

I’ve already sent an email to the genius behind this. I quickly put together and proposed a package deal in which I bring in a Christian band and I will be the speaker for youth lock-ins (this is a huge joke if you can’t tell) and I will make a ton of money….ha.

Ok, enough with the madness. Quite interesting, eh?

Oh, in case you didn’t read the long article – If you wonder why the developer is considering Dawsonville (still relatively small, 1 hour from my driveway), here’s why: “It’s within 100 miles of 6 million people.”

Umm….hmmm…hey churchplanters…ummm….hmmmmm……….

Soccer Lesson

October 9, 2007

I had a revelation of sorts tonight. A good illustration. A lesson learned. It was on the soccer field….with a bunch of 5 yr olds.

Like every parent and every coach and every relative watching and instructing the game, I was barking (nicely I’d like to think) orders to the kiddos. Encouraging them to get aggressive. To stay with it. To get in to position. To kick it in the goal! (I’m an assistant coach and lovin’ it—well, sometimes.)

It was about mid way through the 4th quarter that I had this “huh, it is just like that, isn’t it?” kind of moment. We were getting clobbered by a much better team and I found myself getting quite frustrated. Yeah, I know, don’t say it. I say it plenty to myself. “They’re just 5.” And you’re right. I do everything I can to suppress (over and over and over) my competitiveness, and remember the big picture.

So in that moment, toward the end of the game, I asked myself, “Why are they not listening? Why are they not running? There are plenty of people instructing them where to go and what to do.” The answer was simple: They didn’t learn it in practice. We didn’t really do a good job showing them how to spread out or pass or turn the ball well.

And in that moment I compared that with following Christ. Specifically, passing that following on to our kids. I think the average approach (that I find myself in quite often) is yelling from the sidelines. We are encouraging them to do the right thing. We want them to succeed. We want them to trust this Jesus that we are entrusted to. We want them to discover God’s best. But in those gametime moments, when character and faith are tested, what will they have to recall? Will they be able to pull up illustrations from memory? Times when they saw us illustrate a Biblical principle? Did we ever intentionally teach them “in practice”? Here’s another one: Did we just leave it up to the church?

And for those thinking it: Yeah, I know, this is oversimplified. I know it’s more than, “Oh, just teach your kids right and they will not fail or abandon their faith.” We all know the stats on that and what kind of enemy we are up against. But I know for me, next time I wonder why one of kiddos is just not listening or just not making the wise choice, I’m not just going to simply pass it off as them just being a kid or the rebellious spirit. I’m going to look for those teachable moments and first place the responsibility back on me – what have I taught or showed or lived out in front of them that would help change the current situation?

p.s. Back to the competitiveness stuff: Sorry other coach, you can’t sub when my goalie is holding the ball. I may have informed him of that tonight. 🙂
(In a “bless you brother” kind of way.)