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Expect the Unexpected

October 16, 2007

I’ve just about concluded that life and faith and love and success and just about everything has to do with the unexpected. However I thought it would be, rarely turns out that way. And most of the time that’s a good thing. After all, WHO is in control? Who is steering the ship? Who knows far better what is good for you? Who can see 6 months ahead? And this same Almighty God/Father/Savior/Redeemer calls us to the unexpected, doesn’t He?! Look at what He called His people to back in the day. Crazy stuff. Rare stuff. Completely and totally and utterly the UNEXPECTED. Just thinking out loud a little…….

  • I never expected to have four kids within the first 7 years of marriage.
  • Never thought I would have a desire to be involved in a kid’s ministry. As in never ever never thought! Now, the potential that kIDS Beach Club has in reaching elementary students is….is…whack crazy! I’m pumped! Cobb County has just about approved everything. 1st Club in GA coming soon.
  • Dana and I never expected to be back at Oak Leaf Church. When I say it came out of left field, I mean the foul line, bleacher seat left field. Out of nowhere. Does it make complete sense to us? Nope. Have others questioned it (body language saying “WHAT?!”)? Yep. But are we doing exactly what we feel God prompted us to do? Yep. Are God’s ways always common sense? Hardly.
  • Never thought Auburn would beat FL this year. (Had to throw that in there.)
  • Never thought I would be working with 60,70,80, & 90 yr olds. After all, I was on the cookie cutter fast track for Seminary–>Youth Pastor–>Asst. Pastor–>Pastor. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? That is how ministry works, right? (Sorry, the sarcasm was a bit heavy there.)
  • Never expected to live in the state of GA. After all, AL, right next door, is far better. 🙂
  • Never expected parenting to be this hard.
  • Never expected to be so selfish in marriage. Putting your spouse’s needs above yours is difficult (and impossible without God’s help).
  • Never expected the things I held in high regard…things I considered SO important just a few short years ago…to mean absolutely nothing now. Is that part of growing up?
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