Quick Hits

1. Got my first ever flu shot the other day. Do they have one for the stomach flu? That’s the one I want!

2. Overheard two local policeman chatting at the ball field the other day. Very insightful (sarcastic). One said to the other, “You know, we sure is growing…much like Canton and Acworth. The thing is, I’ve lived here all my life…and well, you know much of these people living here now are not from here.” (Wow, thanks Captain Obvious — said with much respect.) And yes, it was said in a tone of “I don’t like the growth, go back where you came from.” But no bigee, I can understand his frustration. Personally though, I like it a little bigger. At least we have enough now to attract the Starbucks and Kohl’s of the world. Oh wait, is that a good thing?

3. Northstar is showing a promo video for kIDS Beach Club this Sunday during both services. Dana and I will have a table set up near the kids area so when parents come by to pick up their kiddos we can harass them, force them to listen to us, and demand they volunteer……oh wait, sorry, I got that wrong. We can kindly tell them about this great ministry and answer any questions. đŸ™‚

4. I recently bought THESE computer speakers. They are at my office and now I crank some serious tunes at work. (They run specials at buy.com…just wait for the free shipping.)

5. Watched Evan Almighty last night. Funny movie. I was pleasantly surprised in the many good points made throughout the movie. A little overkill on the whole protect the environment thing…but overall, great flick.

6. I bought some doggie treats that I give (with permission) to my neighbor’s dog. He’s in a fence. Good thing too, cause he would attack the living mess out of me or my kids otherwise. Mean thing. I’m hoping this will aid in stopping his ferocious barks at us. So far, though, I don’t think it’s working. He’s probably just thinking, “Sucker…now this idiot feeds me, got him right where I want him.”

7. With our oldest,Braden, attending Cartersville Primary School, we are trying to get into the whole town pride/school pride thing. Today was spirit day at his school….but dude, I just can’t handle Purple & Gold. Reminds me too much of LSU.

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