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You Don’t Mind

October 23, 2007

As I ran to my car this evening – 5:30pm, leaving my office – I had a thought. Actually, a couple of them. I was having to run. And this was a good thing. No, this was a GREAT thing. Why? Well, because I was running to avoid getting wet. Yep, it was actually raining in GA! Seems like it’s been months, even years, since we’ve had rain.

And as I threw my laptop in the back seat, quickly opened my door and ducked my head to get in, another thought hit me. I Don’t Mind. I don’t mind the rain. In fact, looking out my window most of today, it was like I was watching a carnival or a college football game (ok, not THAT good). But it was a sight to behold. We so desperately need the rain. We are in a drought. A bad one. (Are there good ones?) Historic type stuff. And while I’ve never liked rainy days, you don’t so much mind it when you know just how desperate we are for it. When you know that farmers and business people and concerned people have been praying like never before that God would send rain. I didn’t mind the slower drive home. If I was a mind reader…or a reader of road emotions…I would say you could sense a calm on the road. I think there were many other people on the road who didn’t mind the rain either.

As I thought about the rain, I compared it to our faith and our witness. When we find ourselves desperate to hear from God, we don’t mind (so much) His discipline or odd answers. We find ourselves so consumed to know Him more and to be in His will for our lives that we don’t mind whatever He places in front of us – cause we know He loves us like crazy and is shaping us. Also, when we are so filled with the Spirit and burdened for neighbors and friends and co-workers who don’t follow Christ, we don’t mind the differences. We don’t mind being around the cussing or the different values or any kind of awkwardness – b/c it’s worth it. We are driven to love them and accept them and convey a love to them that has changed our lives forever. We truly don’t mind.