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Politics and Putting Others First

November 7, 2007

Nah…not what you think. Not a rant on politicians or Washington…though it would be easy. Just wanted to share the 2 conversations I’ve had with my 6 yr old, over the past 2 mornings, as I’ve taken him to school.

#1: “Daddy….argh…ahhhh…I don’t like those!” What Braden, what is it, what’s wrong? “Those signs…what are they…they are everywhere and they are bugging me!” Uh (laughing), yeah son, those are people running for office, wanting our vote. (Thinking to myself: Wow, he’s learned early – they bug me too.)

#2: It was quiet on the ride to school this morning until Braden suddenly said, “Hey Dad, I put others first at school yesterday.” At that very point I was flooded with many different thoughts and emotions – all of them great. You see, on Sunday at the Leaf (our church), the main point in the Kid’s area was “I will put others first.” I was the host in the Kid’s area for the 2nd service, and we talked about different ways you can put other’s first. As a leader in kid’s ministry, and especially as a PARENT, you want to know – you want feedback and results – that what you are teaching and illustrating is sticking and that they “get it”. I asked Braden how he put others first and he told me he allowed other kids to go in front of him in the lunch line. Great job son. I think us adults could apply this Biblical principle a little more in our everyday lives.