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Shhhh….It’s Still a Secret

November 19, 2007

Went to HUNTSVILLE this past weekend. My stomping ground. Hometown. Affectionately called, “Huntsvegas”. Little bro got married. Hitched. Doomed….oh wait, sorry. 🙂

Had a blast with family and friends. The wedding was on top of MONTE SANO MOUNTAIN. Too many details, not enough time to describe everything. AUsome weekend!

Huntsville/Madison area has grown…alot. Has changed alot. There’s a ton to do. You, of course, have the anchor – the Space and Rocket Center. But I won’t turn this into a shameless promotion…maybe I already have.

Me and the Fam drove around THIS new development. Very cool shopping area. PIC. Go on the website and check out the movie theatre. GA needs this.

But the whole purpose of this post is to say….Shhhhh – Huntsville is still, for the most part, a secret – A HIDDEN GEM. Please, please don’t tell too many people. Please let most people think that North Alabama is like…well, like other areas of Alabama…boring, backwoods…you know, hillbilly – like Tuscaloosa. Please let them think this.

I don’t know what most homefolk think, but the growth is cool…as long as it is managed well.