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Now That’s Stupid

December 2, 2007

No matter what happens tonight in the College Football Bowl Selection, it will be WRONG. Multiple teams will have legitimate arguments of why they should have a shot at playing for a national championship. I can’t believe for this many years there has been an uproar from fans and coaches, etc, and no change has been made. Gosh I hate what money can do to good stuff. Have a stinkin playoff! College football is the only sport without one. LET THEM PROVE WHO’S NUMBER ONE ON THE FIELD!!!!!!! (Can you tell my opinion on the whole thing?) And no, I’m not just a bitter Auburn fan. (We got snubbed in 04, after going undefeated in the SEC…craziness.) Here’s the only thing: Do we trust them to establish the playoff system correctly? After all, a popularity contest now decides who plays in the “championship” game. Argh. Craziness.

Let’s riot.